Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • hayesk
    Apr 7, 11:14 AM
    LOL that's such an immature comment from yourself.
    Of COURSE they are trying to patch up the Jailbreak holes found by the JB community....
    Sure they have bug fixes, but rarely will they go "to fix a security hole that allows users to jailbreak"

    so no, it's not "PROBABLY" break the JB.... is: it WILL.
    He was stating a fact.

    No, he was stating the reason for the update was to break the JB. That is NOT a fact. He is not privy to iOS planning meetings and unless the update only breaks JB and nothing else, then he has no basis for his assumption.

    wallpapers vampire diaries. wallpaper vampire diaries.
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  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Feb 1, 09:23 AM
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    wallpapers vampire diaries. The Vampire Diaries Wallpaper;
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  • Fotek2001
    Apr 4, 11:28 AM
    Tell me, what market does Apple concentrate on?

    How is that even relevant? Just because US companies can't get their ***** together with respect to privacy, the rest of the world has to deal with Apple's crappy business policies that are supposedly there for consumer protection but which seem far more geared towards boosting their own profits.

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  • jaison13
    Apr 1, 12:15 PM
    i buy the fact that professional photographers who do sports, news, fashion photography have limited use for the ipad for anything beyond photo previews. as a comic book artist who has been playing with the ipad for a while now i do use it a lot for sketches. it's not quite there as a "do final inkings and color but it is very useful.

    if it goes to doubled screen resolution, which all the rumors says it will, that would be huge help.

    if it would use pressure sensitivity another big jump. i saw that a small company has developed a way to do this on a current ipad so it only works with a stylus and not skin. apple, with all it's cash on hand, should buy this company and put this in it's next iOS.

    more storage and an sd card slot! jump to 128gb onboard and a card slot.

    a better onboard camera. not for pros, but for artist who see something or someone they want to use in a drawing van get a good quick shot of it.

    i do believe the "pros" are missing the point here though. photoshop can be very useful to a lot of people right now. band flyers, lost and found, invitations, other things like that. you don't always have access or want to carry the 15 pound camera bag, the 5 pound laptop and the wacom tablet.

    i see the ipad as an ideas device. it's super convenient to carry, has a camera so you can take preview photos, like the space where an event will take place, you can write professionally on it, final draft is on the way!! you can sketch, do storyboards, send and receive emails, play games.

    bottom line, for everything it does there is another device or group of devices that will always do it better. but there is no one device that does everything it does. and it does a lot of things pretty darn good!!


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  • PlipPlop
    Apr 20, 04:30 PM
    We all know Android is unstoppable with the 350k phones it sells a day. Some lame firm bribed by Apple have now decided to include none phone devices to try and blind the public. It wont work we all know Android is conquering the smart phone business.

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  • eastercat
    May 7, 01:20 AM
    Deleting doesn't work?


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  • MarkCollette
    Oct 31, 02:56 PM
    Not meaning to be a pain, but is the capacity 1,000,000,000 bytes/10^9 bytes/1 GB, or is it 1,073,741,824 bytes/2^30 bytes/1 GiB? Ignoring file formatting issues, of course.

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  • kauthor
    Aug 4, 05:29 PM
    I went to Comic-Con and they mentioned that Blu-Ray and HD-DVD does not work very well.


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  • antster94
    Apr 28, 06:57 AM
    First, can you [timg] your pic? It is a little huge.

    Second, I like everything about the new XJ.... except how it looks out back. The black D-pillar just really looks out of place. Unless, of course, the car is black itself, and you can't see the contrast. I'm still not sure why they chose to do that, as it just stands out too much. Otherwise, yea, it is a fantastic looking car.

    (black D-pillar)

    Timged :)

    Yeah I see what you mean, it's amazing though. Full B&W 7.1 sound system, 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. Such an awesome car.

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  • Doctor Q
    Apr 28, 07:46 PM
    One of the patents:
    Mobile telephone capable of displaying world time and method for controlling the same

    An apparatus and method for calculating and displaying local time for a plurality of cities in the world. The apparatus includes a memory for storing Greenwich mean time (GMT) information for each of the plurality of cities. The apparatus sets a reference time and counts the time that elapses from when the reference time is set. The apparatus calculates a local time of a city selected by a user, which is based on a difference between the GMT of the selected city and the GMT of a present location of the apparatus, the reference time and the counted elapsed time. The reference time may be either a time set by the user or a system time acquired from a signal generated from a remote system.
    How can companies get patents for such trivial algorithms???


    wallpapers vampire diaries. wallpaper vampire diaries.
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  • yagran
    Jan 9, 01:56 PM
    So whats your opinion, personally i think it was to focused on the iphone...
    im in the uk so it doesnt come out here for ages...GREAT. and no new software, not even an update, that blows. Iphone looks great tho. Also the Apple TV seems altoghether useless to me? why does it need a 40gb hard drive and processor if it connects wirelessly to computers? surely streaming would have been more clever? and tey didnt even updated the screens to work properly with it! And itunes store UK still has no movies!!! GRRR. Pointless fo anyone in the uk in my opinion, whats the point of it? big whoop i can watch my music thru my crappy tv speakers ?? :confused: :mad:

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  • iDeclare
    Jul 11, 05:51 PM
    When I was there at 3:30 the line had about 200 it moving now? Was thinking of trying back later this evening. :confused:


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  • Transporteur
    Oct 9, 04:23 PM
    In the mood for theming.


    How did you change the colour of your Menu Bar?

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  • tktaylor1
    Apr 5, 09:25 AM
    Nice, sleek, good baseball team. Red Sox Nation!!!!


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  • benjayman2
    Apr 6, 09:25 PM
    @scotbay I thought I saw that bookmark thing before on the top left, but never knew where to get it. Care to share IYDM.

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  • King Cobra
    Aug 16, 08:49 PM
    Somehow I get the feeling that poking that thing with a pin won't have the same effect as poking a regular frog with one.


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  • Cynicalone
    Mar 25, 10:45 AM
    They need to improve the worthless notification system in iOS more than the maps.

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  • AP_piano295
    Apr 5, 06:30 PM
    Fair enough. I'd be interested in your thoughts on Post No. 50, if you have any.

    If your interested my thoughts on post 50 is that it fundamentally misses the point.

    Everyone understands that we live in a world which contains certain dangers which can be mitigated by changing our behaviors.

    -Don't walk down dark alleys at 3am by yourself etc...

    That isn't the point of this conversation, were all talking about BLAMING the victim in this case. Just because a victim makes a bad decision does not remove their reasonable expectation of safety.

    If your start blaming victims for the crimes committed against them (and thus suggesting that the crime is ultimately their fault and within their control) it opens up a number of frightening possibilities.

    -Mandated dress codes (for womens protection)
    -Mandated curfew (because its dangerous to be outside at night)

    Regardless of a persons bad decisions, we should not be blaming victims, we should always recognize that blame lays ONLY with the perpetrator of the crime. To do anything else generates a slippery slope which goes like this....

    -Women must wear clothes that hide their knees
    -Women must wear clothes that hide their calves
    -Women must wear clothes that hide their ankles
    -Women must hide all bare skin
    -Women must never leave the home without being accompanied by a man to protect them

    ....All in the name of protecting women from assault.

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  • ReanimationLP
    Sep 17, 10:17 PM
    I'm collecting them too. :D

    I want a 360 so badly.

    Mar 31, 10:21 AM
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    You post an article about the iPad with video that can't be viewed on an iPad? Thanks.

    Apr 18, 06:24 AM
    This be mine.

    Apr 13, 09:36 AM
    There honestly is no need to update the iPhone line EVERY year at this point. iPhone 4 was the biggest jump and I don't see a reason to jump again so soon, especially after Verizon customers JUST recived access to the phone. I can understand updating the models to include 4G, but at this point 4G IMHO is not needed. It's not a mature enough standard to expect iPhone owners to have smooth service with Verizon and AT&Ts 4G networks. I see them both being great next year, but it'd be a forced move on Apples part to update so soon.

    Mar 30, 08:16 PM
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    Jan 7, 09:27 AM

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